Monday, March 31, 2014

Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream~~~~~~

Get this stuff , just do it!! I have fine, oily hair so I normally don't try "smoothing" anything because my hair ends up (as we say in the south) "flat as a fritter". I went to a hair stylist and after she blow dried my hair it was so soft and smooth and I asked her how she made it feel that way, I could not stop touching it! I should let you know that at this point my hair was just a little above my shoulders. She showed me this product and I had to have it. I got mine at Target for around $20. (I couldn't find a link on the Target site so the link included is to Wal-Mart) I am cheap so it pained me to pay this much for a hair product but I craved that soft hair feeling again so badly that I caved! The first time I used it I used entirely too much and it seemed to weigh my hair down. So please note...IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH AT ALL!! I put a pea sized dot in the palm of my hand and rub it all around on my hands and then work my hands through my hair. I have very oily hair so I don't use it close to my scalp. I use it starting around the top of my ears down the length of my hair and on the ends then I blow dry. My hair is now currently a good bit past my shoulders. It really does smooth so well and makes my hair feel so lovely to the touch.

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