Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mark. Eyeshadows~~~~~~

These are my current addiction. You normally buy the case separate (and empty) and then buy the shades individually and they are magnetic and snap into the case so its customized. I found these in a bundle so I got them , because individually they are kind of pricey in my opinion. But you can catch sales where when you order a certain number of colors you get the case for free. I really like the brush they included, I use it often. There is a mirror along the top that is handy dandy. They have shimmers and mattes to choose from. They can be used wet or dry. I use the brown and the dark grey shade as a liner often, I use a wet brush for this. Nice cases and very pretty colors. I did however use the pink as an accent color and had to layer it on because it wasn't as pigmented as it looked to be. Other than that they have all been very nice shadows to work with. I definitely recommend trying.

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