Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion~~~~~~

HELLOOOO!!! I received this product in my Ipsy April bag. It is a skin exfoliant which says it "polishes away dead skin cells, leaving skin radiant". Immediately I had determined I was not going to attempt to try it. My face is extremely sensitive and I was worried that it would just set my skin on fire. So I tossed it aside. Then one day I decided to get on Ipsy and read the reviews from other Ipsy subscribers, because tons of people leave honest reviews on there. I read many many reviews and not one said anything about a bad reaction, or stinging, or anything along those lines. So, I bit the bullet and tried it. It has a lemony minty smell to me which I find refreshing! I literally took a pea sized amount on my fingertip and rubbed my fingertips together and smoothed it over my face. That's all it took, a pea sized amount, I was surprised. It has a very fine texture. No stinging! When I rinsed my face my skin felt amazingly soft and smooth. It has been over a week since I used it and it still smells very smooth to the touch. I like it. The price for a full size tube of this which is 2 ounces, is $78. Quite pricey in my opinion. But with the small amount that you have to use , this sample should last me...well......forever! lol

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