Friday, February 28, 2014

Bandette Comb~~~~~

Why I have never heard of these until a week ago is beyond my comprehension??!! I stumbled on one of these combs at Ulta when I was strolling around so I thought I would give it a try. I didn't really understand how it would work since it is essentially a large hair comb with a ponytail holder attached to one side. But it wasn't pricey so I grabbed one. I enjoy up do's.
 I have always used just regular claw clips that you can find anywhere, medium sized. I sometimes also used clips that hairdressers use in their salons. The plain colored, nothing fancy, they sometimes use when sectioning off your hair or to keep your drape secured snugly around your shoulders. They were not the prettiest things to use but I liked the way they held my hair, although sometimes it would hold my hair too tight and by the end of the day I was ready to chunk it across the room. You could forget about sitting back against a chair or couch because then the clip smashed into your head or loosened the clip which caused your style to fall. FRUSTRATING!!
 ANYWAY....I fell in love with this comb after I used it only once. It is so simple!! I should note my hair is past my shoulders and is very fine. All I had to do was pull my hair back into a low ponytail , twist it, place the tail up on the back of my head and insert the comb in a downward motion through the twist I just made, and then pull the ponytail holder (that is attached) across the twist and loop it over the end. VOILA! Too simple. In fact I kept touching it because I was sure it would fall any minute, but it never did. It keeps a secure hold all day, not too tight as to cause your head to hurt though. Also, I CAN SIT BACK IN A CHAIR!! I have even fell asleep with this in its so comfy.

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