Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maybelline Master Shape Eyebrow Pencil~~~~~~

NEW PURCHASE!! Got mine at Walmart for around $6. I got the color "soft brown" because I didn't want my eyebrows to be too dramatically dark. I prefer my brows to be just lightly filled, I just don't care for the heavy dark eyebrows on myself & I hate having really "drawn on" eyebrows , so I am super picky. I like this because it comes with a brush attached on one end for you to groom your brow before you apply, very handy! I used a light hand and filled in my eyebrows and then after I felt I had done a good enough job I ran the attached brush over my eyebrows again and it seemed to soften it to a look that I think is just perfect. I did notice that if I pressed a little harder in some spots it would leave a little "clump", so I think a light hand is best. Here is the result!! Just a nice filled in brow, not overly dark or bold. Just right for my taste!

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