Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fing'rs Prints Girlie Glam Press On Nails~~~~~~

Let me start by saying that these have the neatest, cutest designs. I was drawn to them. I have had a nail fetish lately because mine WILL NOT grow. I saw the "press on" on the label and had doubts, but had to try them anyway due to their awesomeness. So i get them home and apply. When you get them out of the package the adhesive is already applied to the underside of the nail so you just press them on so the application is super duper easy. After I applied them they LOOKED great, so cute (have I said this before?? lol). When I actually tried to do normal tasks, I could feel them moving around, kind of pushing back into my nail bed or lifting up a bit. Weird. Also part of the sticky pad was exposed under the tip so things stuck in there, like lint & small particles (yuckie!) I ended up removing them because that just grossed me out. It was tough to get some of them off so the adhesive must be pretty strong stuff, but I was left with goop all over my nail. Messy. I wish they would make these to use with a glue application. I won't be purchasing again. UNLESS, they come up with a glue on option!!! (hint hint)

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