Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara Black~~~~~~~~

Right now , I am on a YouTube makeup video binge. One of the million I have watched had this mascara by Jordana. The video (I can't recall which it was) raved about this mascara and how well it did and how very inexpensive it was. So I ran out and got it to try it, even though I currently already have a favorite (It's So Big by Elizabeth Mott). I like this packaging, I enjoy the purple writing, I don't no why but I do. lol. It went on very easily, no clumping and such. Very nice dark color, didn't stay wet for too long. It looked great when I was finished, I was impressed. Especially since I only paid around $3 for it. So I went off to work blissfully happy!! This was around 7 am when I applied it btw. When I looked in the mirror around 11:30 am, I could see some dark smudging beginning under my eyes, I tried to wipe away what I could. The next time I looked in the mirror around 4pm, much more smudging under my eyes. I HATE when this happens. I assume if you only needed to wear this for a short time, maybe a short event, it might be ok. If you want to wear it over an 8 hour workday, you will see some raccoon-ish looking eyes towards the end of the day. Super Bummed.

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