Monday, June 16, 2014

NYX Lip Primer in Nude~~~~~~

HI Guys!! This is a new purchase for me. I purchased this at Ulta because it looked interesting to me and also I despise having to reapply lipstick, so I will try anything!!!!!! I have used it a few times and still am not completely sure how I feel about it. It goes on easily and doesn't leave much color on your lips which I prefer because I just am not feeling the nude lip trend so far. Anyway it feels slightly like a lip liner would, but this seems more moisturizing and not like it is drying my lips out as some liners do. I have experienced no feathering, which this promises. My lipstick looks more, uuuuuuuuum, "in place" when I apply it (does that make sense??) lol. I have not noticed that it makes my lipstick stay on that much longer though. In summary: helps prevent feathering, doesn't seem to extend lipstick wear time.

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