Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sargento cheese on a beauty blog????

 HI!!! As I hope you all noticed by my badge, I am a citizen of Influenster Nation. I just have to show off my first VoxBox. I received my VoxBox last month. It was a Sargento box. When I opened it I found a voucher for a free pack of Sargento thin sliced cheese, a $1 off a package of Sargento thin sliced cheese and also a cool lunch bag that's made out of this neat squishy material. All this for FREE!  So I picked up the slices at the grocery store and used my vouchers...easy peezy! I got the cheddar slices & the baby swiss. They come in a resealable package and the cheddar has deli paper between each slice so they don't stick together, which I find pretty awesome! I hate when they stick together and rip & tear. Anyway they are awesome!! I love the taste. I highly recommend! The price isn't any more than my previously purchased sliced cheese. I have always used Kraft slices or Velveeta slices. However, I don't think I will be purchasing those anymore. I believe I have found a new cheese!!!! I highly recommend trying these slices!! They have my seal of approval!!!

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