Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My first attempt at false lashes.......

SO.......This is a first for me! False lashes. I have admired others on YouTube that wear them, but always thought "No way I can do those!" I received a set in my Ipsy bag several months ago but tossed them to the side because I just didn't want to attempt them. I just assumed it took a lot of time and practice and I didn't want to devote the time at that moment. So anyway....I got bored last night and dug them out. These are the brand Andrea, strip lash in Black #33. You can get them for around $3 and they come with a small tube of glue. I had seen several YouTube videos on how to apply them so I just picked one and went with it. I dabbed a small amount of the glue on the tray that the lashes came in, and ran the strip that touches your lid along the dot of glue lightly covering it & then used a pair of tweezers to place them where I saw fit. When I got them situated, I put my mirror down and looked around the room just to see how they felt, and it would definitely be a feeling you would have to get used to. They may not all feel that way, but these were a bit heavy and felt as if my vision was blocked partially (lol), but these are pretty thick so it may just be the type I used. It actually hurt ,towards the inner corner of my eye, to blink. It could be that I had them down too far, after all I am BY NO MEANS an expert at this. Since it was just the inner corner that was bothering me I decided to remove the full strip and cut the strip lash in half and reapply to only the outer corner. I did this and it worked fabulously. Of course I had to add liner and lots of mascara to make the inner lashes look similar to the outer lashes. It ended up looking pretty good in my opinion. However ,I just felt like this was definitely a little too dramatic for my work and day to day routine. Anyway, it was fun and will definately try some again. I will probably go for a thinner lighter look.

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